The Lancet Countdown: Tracking progress on health and climate change using data from the International Energy Agency (IEA) available from the UK Data Service

The Lancet Countdown is a unique research collaboration between 24 international academic institutions and inter-governmental organisations. The Lancet Countdown monitors progress on the relationships between health and climate change, and their implications for national governments, reporting annually and making recommendations for activity to mitigate climate change.

Spotlight on #CiteTheData: Make the data count

The UK Data Service spotlights its #CiteTheData campaign focused on how data citation is central not only to understanding the use of data in the collection, but helps researchers promote their research and contributes to international initiatives on impact – so please #CiteTheData.

The UK Data Service #DataImpactFellows 2017-2019

The UK Data Service Data Impact Fellows 2017-2019 talk about their research and developing impact. The Data Impact Fellows programme is designed to support the use of UK Data Service data and resources by new generations of scholars through the research partnerships they develop and the students they teach through out their careers. Hear more about their role as #DataImpactFellows.

Highlights of our second #DataImpact event: 2016

The UK Data Service hosted a panel session and networking event on 13 October 2016 at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. A panel comprising some of Scotland’s leading data innovators explored data re-use in policy and research, sharing their experiences of demonstrating data enhanced impact. Here are the highlights of #DataImpact2016.