Highlights of our first #DataImpact event: 2015

With Storify closing in May 2018, we’ll be extracting the html from some of our lovely storifys and saving them on the blog. Here are the highlights of #DataImpact2015.

Data enriched research, data enhanced impact: the importance of UK data infrastructure.

Jane Elliott, Chief Executive ESRC welcomes delegates to “DataImpact2015”

Matthew Woollard, Director UK Data Service introduces #DataImpact2015

Will Moy, Director Full Fact on data infrastructure as a means of checking data-driven debate in policy and the media

Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director Greater London Authority on the “huge potential” to share data more effectively

Dan Sheldon, Digital Strategy Lead Department of Health on better healthcare services and better research based on data infrastructure

Sharon Witherspoon, former Director Nuffield Foundation on better public policy discussions from better data infrastructure

Q&A from the floor


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