Data Impact Fellows 2023 Update

In this blog post we give an update of what we’ve been up to with our 2023 Data Impact fellows over the past few months.

We were delighted to announce the 2023 Data Impact Fellows back in April. They were selected by our panel of judges from a strong pool of applicants who are working on interesting and important work in the areas of poverty, deprivation and housing and homelessness. These focus areas were chosen to be part of a larger piece of work we are doing as an impact team, focussing on the themes of Poverty in data and Housing and homelessness in data.


It was great to be able to meet the Fellows at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester back in April. We had a great time hearing about the research and work they are doing, getting to know them, sharing a bit about what we do in the UK Data Service and looking at what impact in research means to them.

Photo of the Data Impact Fellows and UK Data Service seated around a conference table.

On the day we had the chance to interview each of the Fellows about their work, and you can find their videos at the bottom of this post. For an introduction to the whole day, you can watch this overview video.

We’ve also had the opportunity to hear more about what the Fellows are working on and their backgrounds via their posts on the Data Impact blog. If you missed any of them you can read them all here.

Online meet-up

It was great to be able to meet all of the Fellows online last week to catch up with them on what they’ve been up to and look at what’s coming up in the next few months for them. It’s great to hear that they’re being able to take time to do impact-focused work alongside their day-to-day, whether it be conversations with government groups, working alongside charities who are working on the ground in their area or presenting work through reports or conferences. We’re looking forward to hearing more about these things and more insights into their work over the next few months as they write up their next contributions to the Data Impact blog.

A screenshot of the Zoom call including a slide while Julia Kasmire presents to the Data Impact Fellows.

Alongside catching up with the Fellows, we were delighted to have Dr Julia Kasmire come along and share a bit about her work at the University of Manchester and the UK Data Service. Julia shared about her work training and supporting people in the area of Computational Social Science. If you want to find out more about this you can find future training events on our website or see recordings of past sessions on our YouTube channel. Julia also recently spoke about Big Data on Radio 4 for a special show focussing on Tech and AI, you can listen to her interview here.

What’s coming up

We’re looking forward to sharing some more of the Fellows’ thoughts and experiences through future Data Impact blog posts, and these will be coming out over the autumn and winter. We’re also hoping to do some more online meet-ups as well as figuring out ideas around some interactive sessions which might involve some discussions or Q&As with the Fellows, so watch this space!

As well as following their updates on the Data Impact blog you can find most of the Fellows on social media of one sort or another, so give them a follow, you can find their details on this page. You can also take a look at our 2019, 2017 and 2016 cohorts and see where they are now and what they’re working on.

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