British Red Cross Covid-19 Vulnerability Index Map

Neil Dymond-Green, Service Director for ImpactNeil Dymond-Green investigates the British Red Cross’ work on producing a Covid-19 Vulnerability Index and associated mapping.

The British Red Cross have pulled together a really interesting and relevant index to attempt to focus help on people who are most vulnerable to contracting Covid-19.


Their Covid-19 Vulnerability Index comprises these vulnerabilities:

  • Demographic
  • Clinical
  • Other health/wellbeing needs
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Physical/geographical isolation

Within these vulnerabilites, a range of indicators have been assessed using data from a range of providers. As part of this process, the researchers have created a bespoke version of the Index of Multiple Deprivation to cover the whole of the UK (normally Indices of Deprivation are calculated for the four individual countries of the UK). This in itself is an interesting project to have undertaken.

One of the datasets, the researchers used was the Labour Force Survey. They also used 2011 Census data from the three separate UK census agencies, although they may not have been aware that harmonised UK data is available from the UK Data Service.

As this is a work in progress, the researchers behind the vulnerability index have also identified additional vulnerabilities which could be considered as part of the index.

The researchers have produced a detailed document which outlines the approaches they have taken to compile the vulnerability index.

In additional, they have produced maps at the following levels:

They have also made their code publicly available.

This is a fantastic resource and I certainly hope it will help in allocating resources where they are most needed to support those most at risk from Covid-19.

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Neil Dymond-Green is the UK Data Service Director for Impact.

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