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Data Quiz App launched on Android and iOS
Margherita Ceraolo • January 17, 2017 • No Comments

Ralph Cochrane, Founder of AppChallenge and The Creative Grid, talks about the UK Data Service’s first app!

Making the Human Rights Atlas data more accessible
Victoria Moody • January 16, 2017 • No Comments

Susan Noble from the UK Data Service international data team discusses how we’ve made the Human Rights Atlas data we host even more accessible, by making it available for analysis in UKDS.Stat, the data dissemination platform for international data at the UK Data Service.

Patterns of Use of the Secure Lab
Margherita Ceraolo • January 11, 2017 • No Comments

Andy Redfearn, Data Curation Officer at the UK Data Service, takes a look at the status and patterns of use of the UK Data Service’s Secure Lab.

2016: A year of great progress in qualitative data archiving and exchange
Victoria Moody • January 03, 2017 • No Comments

Louise Corti, the UK Data Service’s Director of Collections Development and Producer Relations, discusses progress made in 2016 in qualitative data archiving and data exchange.

International and census open data use at the UK Data Service and the fruits of data citation
Victoria Moody • December 02, 2016 • No Comments

Susan Noble, Service Manager for international data at the UK Data Service based at Jisc, talks about how we find out what people have actually done with the data we provide and why it’s important that we do what we do!

The Northern Powerhouse in the world: UK Data Service open data dive
Victoria Moody • November 04, 2016 • No Comments

Richard Wiseman Socio-economic Data Services: Specialist Support Officer and Celia Russell, International Data Specialist at the UK Data Service, present a series of data in the UK Data Service collection relevant to analyses of the North West and Greater Manchester regions and possible comparators, nationally and internationally, ahead of the ‘Northern Powerhouse in the world open data dive’.

The industrial revolution of open data
Victoria Moody • November 01, 2016 • No Comments

Founder of Swirrl, linked open data enthusiast, working on PublishMyData, Bill Roberts reprises his presentation at #DataImpact2016, focusing on how what we need in the data economy now is our own industrial revolution.