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On the Data Impact blog, we love being able to highlight some of the great research and work that is done by researchers throughout the UK and further afield. It is great to see how data available through the Service is having an impact on people’s lives, on policy and on society, as well as innovative and interesting ways people are using data.

As well as highlighting discussions around how researches use our data to benefit society, we’re also keen to highlight the vital work that UK Data Service staff do in supporting this to happen and show off their expertise!

Over the years we’ve had many people who work for the Service share posts on the work they do. We have also written profiles on a number of staff. More will come in 2023, so keep an eye out for those!

Another way this is being done is by the communication team here at the UK Data Service. Over the last year they’ve started a podcast called “The Experts’ Expert”. In it they talk with several people in the Service about their role and experience working here, and how they contribute to the aims and goals of the Service.

If you’re looking for some easy and engaging listening over the holiday period, look no further! We’ve chosen a few of our favourite episodes, and you can listen to them on this page or find all the episodes on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Dr. Julia Kasmire previously wrote on the data impact blog about reproducibility, and in this conversation she delves a bit deeper into the topic and highlights why it is so vital for researchers to keep in mind. She also talks about the training she recently ran on the topic.

With the Census 2021 releases coming thick and fast, you can hear from the UK Data Service’s Director for Census, Dr. Oliver Duke-Williams on his experience with the Census and the role the Service takes in making Census data available for researchers. You can find a number of posts about the 2021 Census releases on the data impact blog.

UKDS SecureLab celebrated its 10th birthday this year! In this episode Dr. James Scott talks about what SecureLab is, how it works and how it’s changed and grown over the past decade. You can find out more about SecureLab’s history in the blog post he co-wrote back in January.

About the Author

James Lockwood is Research Impact and Engagement Manager at the UK Data Service.

You can find more about the UK Data Service training and events on our website.

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