Mapping the census – connections between language ability and health

ukdataservicerom the UK census of 2011, I decided to compare people whose first language isn’t English, but they can speak very well, or they cannot speak at all. I was trying to discover how their proficiency in English would have influence on their general health.

I got my data from the UK Data Service Infuse website and compared the results at England wards level.

My first 3D map showed results of people health who have said that their health is good.

The results were what I had expected them to be: people who can speak English had claimed that their health is good, by a significant amount compared with people who cannot speak English.

Whereas, when I was comparing the result of people who have said their health is not good showed that people who can people speak English claimed that their health is not good more than of people who cannot speak English.

I had expected the results to be other way around, however there may be many other reasons or factors that had an influence on the results. The 3D maps with my data were able to show me which places had the highest peaks and where it was the lowest.

This 3D map is of people in England whose health isn’t good comparing with people who can speak English and cannot. The orange represents people whose health is not good, but they can speak English and the colour green is for people whose health isn’t good and they can’t speak English. The lighter the colour is the less people there whose health isn’t good. The darker the colour the more people there are with health isn’t good.


This 3D map is of people with good health and can speak English.


This map is of people whose health is good and cannot speak English.

You can play with the 3D map by following the link below. Please note that the map can take some time to load.

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