Creating Consistent Deprivation Measures Across the UK

We’ve been lucky enough to have two interns come and work with us over the summer. They have been working on creating a set of Townsend Deprivation scores, using the UK 2011 Census data we have available via InFuse.

The interns came to us through the University of Manchester Q-Step Centre, which coordinates with different types of workplaces to offer 2nd year students the chance to practice the data skills taught through their degree courses at the university.

Sanah Yousaf is studying Law with Criminology.

I am currently a student at the University of Manchester studying Law with Criminology. As part of my degree, I chose a module called Data Analysis for Criminologists which exposed me to the world of data. I enjoyed the course so much that I decided to apply to work as an intern at UK Data Service via the Q-Step internship programme offered at the University of Manchester. As a result, I am now an intern at UK Data Service, specifically in the Census Support team based in Manchester. The project I am working on with my fellow intern (Amy) is calculating Townsend deprivation scores for the UK 2011 Census data.


Amy Bonsall is studying Criminology.

As a student at the University of Manchester studying criminology I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work on a project with the UK Data Service as an intern calculating Townsend Deprivation Scores for the UK and importantly, learning work environment skills that will be useful once I graduate. My fellow intern (Sanah) and I came with a thirst to learn and an ambition to make the project a success which has made the exciting aspects more rewarding and the obstacles we need to come much more bearable.

Amy and Sanah have agreed to write blogs about the project, which we’ll publish over the coming weeks, together with the resources that Amy and Sanah created, to include the raw data and the scores.

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