2024 Westminster Parliamentary constituency data released

Following the decision by Rishi Sunak PM to call a Parliamentary election in the United Kingdom on the 4th of July 2024 the Aggregate Data team in the UK Data Service have uploaded and made available data at the new election constituencies.

All Scottish 2022 Census data at 2024 Westminster Parliamentary Constituency level

All England, Wales and Northern Ireland 2021 Census data at Westminster Parliamentary Constituency level

Following a Boundary Commission review in 2023,  changes were advised in all four constituent countries in the UK –

England 2023 boundary review

Wales 2023 boundary review

Scotland 2023 boundary review

Northern Ireland 2023 boundary review

These boundary recommendations were put before Parliament in the summer of 2023 and became law on 15th November 2023 through The Parliamentary Constituencies Order 2023.

It is these Westminster Parliamentary Seat boundaries that will be contested in the upcoming July 2024 elections. If you would like to see the socio-economic make-up of these seats then click the two links at the top of this article.

If you want to find out which seats changed and how then the House of Commons Library produced an insight into this.

In this video, Dave Rawnsley, Senior Technical Co-ordinator for the UK Data Service, gives a demonstration of how to access the data.

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