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Patterns of Use of the Secure Lab
Margherita Ceraolo • January 11, 2017 • No Comments

Andy Redfearn, Data Curation Officer at the UK Data Service, takes a look at the status and patterns of use of the UK Data Service’s Secure Lab.

More is more: Adding value to the Young Lives survey for better analysis
Victoria Moody • May 06, 2016 • No Comments

Anne Solon, data manager for Young Lives, whose role involves working with Young Lives research partners to coordinate the complete survey cycle and coordinating the processes of survey design, piloting, training of field staff, data collection, data entry and data management, discusses adding value to survey data to support analysis.

Spotlight on data quality: the Ingest Services Data Curation team – impact for data creators and users
Victoria Moody • March 24, 2016 • No Comments

Dr. Russell Sceats, a data curation expert from the UK Data Service, describes the work and ethos of the UK Data Archive’s Ingest Services Team.