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Creating a unified 2011 Census dataset for the four nations of the UK
Rob Dymond-Green • February 16, 2017 • No Comments

Rob Dymond-Green, Technical Co-ordinator for the UK Data Service Census Support Service, describes the creation of the 2011 UK Census dataset available through InFuse.

1961 Census Digitisation: Statistical archaeology, getting the data off the artefact and creating a new linked data collection
Victoria Moody • February 06, 2017 • No Comments

We are delighted to report our progress on our pioneering ‘statistical archaeology’ project to retrieve ‘lost’ information from the 1961 Census Small Area Statistics (SAS) from a large set of digital images, and make it available for digital analysis, using current software tools, for the first time.

International and census open data use at the UK Data Service and the fruits of data citation
Victoria Moody • December 02, 2016 • No Comments

Susan Noble, Service Manager for international data at the UK Data Service based at Jisc, talks about how we find out what people have actually done with the data we provide and why it’s important that we do what we do!