Welcome to the Data Impact blog

What is the UK Data Service?

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the UK Data Service provides unified access to an extensive and expanding range of high-quality UK and international social, economic and population data – from UK Censuses to government-funded surveys, longitudinal studies and qualitative data.

Why this blog?

The Data Impact blog is run by the UK Data Service and is a hub for researchers, students, communities, policy-makers, government and anyone interested in maximising the impact of social, population and economic data in research and policy.

We hope to:

  • encourage debate,
  • share best practice and
  • keep the data impact community up to date with news, events and the latest data-driven impactful research and policy making.

Ideas and contributions

We welcome contributions to both blogs from a mind range of voices and opinions. If you would like to contribute or have ideas for the blog, please contact the blog editor via impact@ukdataservice.ac.uk or tweet @UKDSImpact. You can also get more of an idea about writing for the blog here.

Other UK Data Service Twitter accounts:

@UKDataService – information, news, training and events from the UK Data Service

@UKDSCensus – census and population data

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